At Mindful with Children, LLC, the safety of our specialists and families are a priority. We have thus developed specialized safety protocols based upon the latest CDC guidelines. These policies are subject to change.

  • Remote Option: At any point during our work together, we are proud to offer academic support sessions over the Zoom or Google Meet platforms. Our specialists have had experience with both of these formats, and we have developed specialized strategies for working with children on-line.
  • Outside Sessions: Once a release is signed, our specialists will travel to a student’s house to hold sessions outside. Sessions could also be held at a mutually agreeable alternate outside location (for example a local park). During these sessions, the specialist and student will both remain masked and physically distanced.*
  • Indoor Sessions: In cases where all adults and children 12 years and over in a household are fully vaccinated, and a release for work together is signed, we can hold sessions indoors. In these situations, everyone in the house must remain masked during the session and the specialist and student remain physically distanced. Where possible, we will also ask to hold the sessions in a ventilated area, preferably near an open window.*

    *In the case of an outside or indoor session, we require both specialists and families to sign an agreement that they will inform the other in advance of an appointment if they, or anyone in their household, exhibits symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. We also ask that both specialist and family inform each other and cancel a session if there was a known exposure to someone testing positive for the virus. In both of these cases, our cancellation policy for families is waived.