Enrichment and Targeted Mathematics Support

At times, a child’s thirst for knowledge and growth is not quenched within a traditional school day. Interesting units end before a child is ready, or curriculum is not differentiated to meet the needs of a child who has the capacity to engage with it in an advanced way. Our enrichment specialists prioritize inquiry and a project-based learning approach to further stimulate students’ thinking and learning. We go beyond what is typically taught at a given grade level to encourage a child’s sense of wonder and unique ways of making meaning by delivering a dynamic program that will extend an established curriculum and make it come alive.

In addition to enriching curriculum, we also provide targeted support for children learning mathematics. This support can focus on the remediation and scaffolding of new learning; particularly with language-based mathematics (word problems), multi-step calculations, and transition to the more abstract concepts (such as algebra II, calculus, trigonometry, etc.). Alternatively, our experienced specialists also work with students who are already advanced in content and process, and looking to learn more.