Mindfulness Practice

How much time today was your child lost in thought? Quite often, our minds pull us out of the present, away from the learning and possibility embedded in any given moment. This distraction has become so prevalent that many of us can no longer sit quietly for five minutes without feeling agitated and uncomfortable. Our certified mindfulness specialists work with children to help them become more aware of their thinking and, through a focus on the breath, return to the present moment. Children will learn how to become aware of when their minds are wandering, and bring themselves back to the present moment. They will learn how to apply these techniques specifically to school situations in an effort to decrease distraction and to engage more actively in what they are learning. Our students studying mindfulness will also use techniques to better understand their thoughts, be encouraged to ask why certain thoughts arise more often than others, and develop strategies for how they might be able to sit with complicated emotions without shying away from or reacting to them.