Writing Support

Being able to write is an essential skill for any student in today’s schools.¬†Good writing allows one to clearly communicate his/her/their thinking to a reader. Students write for many purposes, including: crafting reports, focusing thinking around a thesis, generating an argument, creating stories, recounting an important event, or even hosting a blog. To be successful with these complex writing tasks, a variety of skills are needed. For example, in order to write a focused report, students need to be able to brainstorm, conduct research, take notes, organize information, identify salient details, and connect ideas together. Students also need to be able to attend to the mechanics of writing, including spelling, varying word selection, grammar rules, and language convention.

Our specialists are experts in supporting children to become thoughtful and proficient writers. Using training with such techniques as semantic mapping, mind mapping, graphic organizers, the Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Program, Quantum Learning, Cornell Notes, Inspiration Software, Grammarly, Mindful Writing, Read Naturally, and more, we will match your child with an appropriate educator who will thoughtfully design and execute a plan to target and remediate skills that are challenging your child and reintegrate these skills into his/her/their overall writing.

In addition to general writing support, our specialists are also able to support some of the learning of students diagnosed with dysgraphia, a neurological disorder of written expression that impairs writing ability and fine motor skills. While occupational therapists should be hired to develop handwriting and building tone, we support children with the wiring process; using targeted strategies to develop spelling, written expression, and the organization of ideas. Please contact us to speak further about the particulars of this work.